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Are You Ready To Join The Nation?

We, Potatoes , have been Serving Humanity for ages...

Just like Humans, We've also been recently struggling with mental Health.

Since then, We started Questioning Modern World, and how capitalism affects everyone's life , including Ours.

So we decided to move on, to settle down on Polygon Blockchain, and Build our own Community.

Today, you can become a part of The Psychopotatoe Nation.

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Minting Goes Live In :

PPNation Roadmap

  • Human discovered Potato

    "what the f*** is that?"

  • PPNation Pioneers go LIVE📢

    "10.000 PsychoPoatoes are relased for minting"

    "2022 PPNation Pioneers are released for Minting "

    "One Psychopotato Pioneer is kept as a Mascott"

    "As Pioneers, Holders of that first collection become
    Co-founders of The PsychoPotatoe Nation "

  • The Dawn of a New Wolrd

    "PPNation is set to be a Decentralized Autonoumous Organisation"

    "First vote of PPN Pioneers to choose among 7 short-listed projects the one we will be financing.👩‍🌾‍🌾"

    "Starting to work a On Second Generation of Psychopotatoe Nation Citizens"

    "Launching Psychopotatoe Nation Official Merch Shop"

  • Expansion of the wrestling field

    "We start working on Releasing the PPNation Official Cryptocurrency" *

    "Second vote of PP holders to choose an other Food sovreignty project we’re funding‍🌾👨🏽‍🌾"

    "Hackathon👩‍💻👨‍💻is runned for the next Phase"

  • Next Stop : The Moon

    "Vote to choose witch launchpad Will Host Our ICO"

    "ICO begins on the Voted Launchpad" ‍🚀

    "Now PPNation Has its own Currency, Time to celebrate!"

    "A special Event take place to celebrate the transition to next Level" * 🎊 🎉

  • A Solid Grounding

    "Each PP generates now a certain ammount according to its specificity" *

    "We start working on Psychopotatoe Nation holder-only Play-to-earn platform."

    "Vote of the community on the Psychopotatoe Nation Constitution"

  • The rise of the Nation!

    "Each PP In now a playable Character who supports Food sovreignty trough epic adventures"

    "Seven (07) Exclusive Legendary off-collection 100% Hand drawn Psychopotatoes are Revealed" *

    * All Details will be the subject of individual public announcements to witch 📢 refers.

    ⚠️None of these informations are financial advice⚠️

Please note that this Roadmap is not cast in stone.

As we are constantly developping every aspect of Psychopotatoe Nation each phase may evolve.

Be sure to be regularly updated about any change, and have real time access to future announcements 📢

By Joining Psychopotatoe Nation On  Discord &  Twitter .

Looking Forward to hear from you soon!