What NFT means?

NFT is an abbreviation for non-fungible token.

An NFT is a digital asset with a unique identity that is stored in a decentralized Network

Translation? An NFT is a type of Internet content that has a "record"

that allows its ownership to be tracked as it is traded from one person to the next.

By 2021, NFTs are frequently in the form of digital content, such as a JPEG, GIF, or video.

NFTs' value skyrocketed in the early 2020s, with collectors willing to pay millions of dollars for them.

NFTs function similarly to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin or Dogecoin.


Where to buy NFTs?

There are many marketplaces dedicated to buying and selling NFTs,

Among the most famous are Opensea, Rarible, Mintable, Foundation Etc.

Basically the choice of marketplace depends on the cryptocurrenvy in which you choose to buy your NFTs

Whether it is $ETH, $Matic, $Sol or even $Tez..etc.

Anyways, marketplaces have the disadvantage of high prices, as well as additional fees.

Experienced NFT collectors prefer to spot projects early enough to purchase

Their non-fungible tokens directly from the artists at the inital public auction.

However, this approach requires that you research the project thoroughly before investing.


What is a NFT Whitelist?
And how to join it?

A whitelist is similar to a VIP list or an event guest list.
You get benefits if you're on it. It's not always early access.

It may also imply that you will be able to purchase an NFT at a lower cost.

NFT creators use a whitelist to select specific cryptocurrency wallet addresses
To allow access to the minting process for their NFTs during a specific time period.

Some NFT projects are centered on communities.
As a result, whitelisting can reward early supporters or active members
By allowing them to mint NFTs earlier, and sometimes cheaper, than non-members.

Basically Each NFT project has its own Whitelist process,but as a rule it goes usually through the project's Discord server

PsychoPotatoe Nation has jut open its Whitelist, Applications can be posted Here or on #Whitelist Application channel On Discord


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